Is changing my furnace filter worth it?

Changing a furnace filter is one of those tasks that can often get overlooked. Sometimes we may even find ourselves asking "is it even worth it?". How much do I really save by changing my filter? Filter Snap recently posted "

According to the Department of Energy, replacing a dirty filter with a clean one can reduce energy consumption by as much as 15%. Combine that with the knowledge that you’re HVAC is responsible for approximately half your energy bill, and you’re looking at savings of 7.5% every month.

So if your average electric bill is $100 per month, you could save approximately $7.50 by changing your filter regularly (or, you are already saving that much if you change them regularly). Over three months, that’s $22.50. That said, if your energy bill is only $100 per month, good on you.

If your bill is closer to the $200 range – and it can likely creep up there when the furnace or a/c is working daily to heat or cool your house – you’re looking at savings of up to $45 per month." 

The other aspect to consider is that a furnace must work hard if the filter is dirty. Furnaces that work harder have a tendency to break down more often. These repair bills to have a certified HVAC technician work on your unit will cost you $100's each visit. 

In conclusion,  changing your furnace filter may seem like a tedious task with nothing to show for it, but in reality you are saving money every month on your bill as well as future repairs down the road!