The perfect starter plan for any home and rental property.

Our Bronze Service Plan is a great way to provide you peace of mind over home ownership. This plan is also recommended for rental properties with services completed annually or between tenants. We ensure that regular maintenance is done on your property every year. Whether it is your home or a rental property, we provide you reports on findings and will take care of minor repairs during the Tune Up Service. Just like your vehicle, regular preventative maintenance on your home saves you $100's every year in better efficiency with appliances and costly repairs down the road.



-Initial home evaluations.

- One Home Tune-Up Services per year. (See below for what is included in each Home Tune-Up Service).

-All parts and labor included. (Additional charges may apply for premium parts.)

-Reports with notes from the technician provided to the property owner. 

-Discounts for additional handyman labor and other services provided by local contractors that are in our network.

Rates Start At:

Annual Payment


Per Quarter


Per Month



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Each Home Tune-Up Services Include: 

-Provide a written report to Landlords with property condition, any findings and photos if requested (for rental properties)
-Assess exhaust fan efficiency
-Change refrigerator water filter
-Check under-sink plumbing and make minor repairs as needed
-Clean AC condenser coil
-Clean/Change furnace filter
-Clear out dryer vent
-Clear minor clogs in drains
-Check faucets and repair as necessary
-Flush sediment from water heater (completed annually)
-Lubricate garage door
-Home exterior check for any potential issues
-Home interior check for any potential issues
-Inspect attic for rodent and water damage
-Inspect toilet valves for leaks, repair as needed
-Install carbon monoxide detector, if needed
-Install fire extinguisher, if needed
-Refill water softener salt, if needed
-Replace burned out light bulbs
-Sanitize clothes washer with a cleaning agent
-Sanitize dishwater with a cleaning agent
-Test carbon monoxide detector, change batteries as needed
-Test smoke detector, change batteries as needed.


Gives us peace of mind.

“I highly recommend Coverall Home Maintenance. Like most people, I'm always busy and frequently forget about the small things around the house. Their service gives us peace of mind knowing its done and done right! Thank you for your good work!.”

— L.T.

Great for my rental property!

“Coverall Home Maintenance is great for my rental property! The photos and reports keep me updated on how my tenants treat the property twice a year. Ever since having this service, I notice my tenants take better care of my home. I would recommend them to any landlord who does not want to hire an expensive property management company.”

— D.M.

Great for aging home owners.

“Coverall Home Maintenance has helped me take care of my aging mother's home. I didn't know something like this existed. Having them complete the maintenance has saved our family members a lot of time. We now can visit my mother and not worry about always having to complete tasks around her house. I would recommend this service for any caretaker.”

— J.M.



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