Summer Service Includes: 

  • Sprinkler System Check for Any Leaks, Minor Repairs as Needed
  • Refill Water Softener Salt
  • Replace Burned Out Light Bulbs
  • Pressure Wash House Siding (Low Pressure)

Winter Service Includes:

  • Change or Clean Furnace Filter
  • Refill Water Softener Salt
  • Replace Burned Out Light Bulbs
  • Winter Sidewalk Salt Delivery

Home Tune-Up Services Include:

  • Assess Exhaust Fan Efficiency     
  • Change Refrigerator Water Filter
  • Check Under-Sink Plumbing and Make Minor Repairs, as Needed
  • Clean AC Condenser Coil
  • Clean Refrigerator Condenser Coil
  • Clean/Change Furnace Filter
  • Clean Out The Dryer Vent
  • Clear Minor Clogs in Drains
  • Check Faucets and Repair as Needed
  • Flush Sediment From Water Heater (Once Annually)
  • Lubricate Garage Door
  • Home Exterior Check
  • Home Interior Check
  • Inspect Attics for Rodent and Water Damage
  • Inspect Toilet Valves for Leaks and Repair as Needed
  • Install Carbon Monoxide Detector if Needed
  • Install Fire Extinguisher if Necessary
  • Refill Water Softener Salt
  • Replace Burned Out Light Bulbs
  • Sanitize Clothes Washer with a Cleaning Agent
  • Sanitize Dishwasher with a Cleaning Agent
  • Test Carbon Monoxide Detector and Change Batteries
  • Test Smoke Detector and Change Batteries


They were a great help!

“My husband and I hired Coverall Home Maintenance after our tenants moved out. They were a great help and very nice. Our technician Michael did a great job preparing the place for the next tenant.”


This service helped me stay in my home.

“This company is fantastic! Jeremy has serviced my home a couple of times and is great. I was unaware a home service like this was around. At my age, I can't safely perform these tasks anymore. This service has helped me stay in my home.”

— P.S.


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